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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Constantine was born around 280 in Naissus, Moesia and afterhis fathers death became theWestern Emperor in 312. Then in 324 Constantine becamethe sole Roman Emperor. He was the first Christian Emperor and madehis empire become a Christian state. One of his greatest effects on the Roman Empire was the creation of the Edict of Milan in 313. The proclamation granted all personsfreedom to worship whatever deity theypleased, assured Christians of legal rights(including the right to organize churches), and directed the prompt return to Christians of confiscated property. Constantine Constantinople was founded by thefamous emperor in the site of an already existing city, Byzantium. It was the new capital of the Roman Empire in 324,and was famed for its heavy defenses. It also had many architectural masterpiecesthat were mostly religious based. The citywas divided into 14 regions and had manypublic works. The city lasted for many more centuries and at one time wasthe largest and wealthiest European cities. About Constantine The Edict of Milan Constantinople Constantine was the son of Roman officerFlavius Valerius Constantius and a Christianwoman named Helena. In 293 his fatherbecame the emperor of the western empire. Constantine was sent to serve in the militaryand learn the important parts of strategy.Constantine spent a lot of time in the courtof Emperor Diocletian. His father declared Constantine his successor before his death in 304. Early Life Death Constantine died on May 22, 337. This was no surprise after he fellseriously ill after the Feast of Easter.Knowing he was fixing to die, hewas baptized in the Jordan River. He said that he would live a more Christian life he shall live. His bodywas buried at the Church of the HolyApostles. He was preceeded by his three sons after his death. Legacy Constantine earned his title "The Great"by the Christians from his major changes in religion. But he was also a great militaristic leader as well. Having victories over the Franks,Goths, and Samaritans. He wasalso the second longest servingRoman Emperor in history changingmany aspects of life. Not only did heend persicution for Christians, forever changing religion, but also contributed to having clean shaved faces.
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