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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Copyright and Ownership Reflection By:Connor Ralph This is very important to me beccaue I mustrespect how I use other's information and makesure i'd adhere to this standard all the time Intellectual Property is a non physical product but in which ownership claimscan still be made on. e.g..a computer program or a singer's song lyrics. It is important to understand this conceptbecause studnets often get confused as ownership being in physical products suchas car's or house's but there's many nonphysical objects claims can be made on. A parent is service provided by the governmentthat protects inventor's work so that it can't becopied by other people or companies. It is important to understnad that parentsmust be approved through a legal processwhich will go through the Canadian FederalGovernment. A trademark is a symbol, sloganshape or anything that distinguishone company's what companythe product belongs to. Companies are responsible of providing theirtrademarks in a professional manner. If theydo not adhere to the government's standards they are susceptible to being tried in court. Citation is a set of standards that Ineed to follow to make sure i meetthe requirements of crediting peoplefor their intellectual property It is important that students know thereare multiple citation styles out there and that their responsible to correctly follow whichever style the assignment asks for Plagiarism is what happenshappens to an individual whenthen fail to recgonize someoneelse's work as their's and tryto make it their own. Plagiarism is a very seriousissue that students must beaware else they could face veryserious consequeces.. A copyright is a right each individual has to help protecttheir work in a legal manner.
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