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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The War Starts The war started when the Archduke of Austria-Hungry was shot and killed with his wife in a town called Sarajevo by Gavrilo Princip linked to a serbian terrorist group know as The Black Hand. Trench Warfare The Chain Reaction After the attack Austria-Hungry went toGermany for support which Germany gave. After thatAustria-Hungry launched an invasionof Serbia. Russia being an ally of Serbia mobilized on the boarder of Austria-Hungryand Germany. Germany then declared war on Russia. After that France began mobilizing and using false claims of French attacks Germany declared war on France.Germany wanted to follow the plan known as the Schlieffen plan which required going through neutral Belgium. Since england was an ally of Belgium it declared war on Germany World war I was in full swing. After machine guns killed scores of menout in the open both sides dug aseries of trenches to protect themselves from enemy fire.The trenches were muddy, smelly,disease ridden, and worse of all stationary targets.Artillery and other long range shelling devices could target a trench and once they did the soldiersinside would be shelled for hours and then wouldhave to get up and fire on the advancing enemy soldiers. double click to change this title text! Archduke Franz Ferdinand with his wife Sophie. Small map of the western front Troops on the westernfront in a small trench. The Sides After the war broke out twosides emerged from originalalliances the Allies andthe Central Powers. The Allies consisted of England,France and Russia. The Central powers consisted ofGermany, Austria-Hungry andTurkey. Connor O'Brien
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