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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 CONNECTION INCITES ENGAGEMENT CONNECTION INCITES ENGAGEMENT Teaching Social Science - creating dialogue for change After Action Review ... ... Design of the learning space fosters real world skills -acquisition of deep subject knowledge-collaboration-working in teams-reporting that is appropriate for a targeted audience-presentation solutions to issues-enterprise Interconnectedness Members of the class community need to feel connected to each other, their values and heritage and the wider community. Application of technology to assist in connecting students is paramount to learning the skills for becoming entrepreneurial, functioning and contributing "Global Village" and connectingwith people from all cultures, heritage and backgrounds. After a task has been completed individually or as a team, an After Action Review (AAR) is held to constructively evaluate and reflect on the success of the team and presentation of the final product. This provides students to self and peer assess. An AAR is handed in as part ofthe normal process of assessment or can be a plenary to a lesson or unit of work.1.What was planned? - intended results2.What really happened? - actual results3.Why did it happen? - cause of the results4.What can we do better next time? - sustain or improve?Collison C, Parcell G (2004) Learning to Fly: Practical Knowledge Management from Leading and Learning Organizations Capstone UK Provide real world examples of enterprise, global networks, local issues andthe contribution of others who find solutions to or mitigate problems to demonstrate the process of analysis, evaluation and reflectionin order for students to feel connected to the environment and community around them. Feedback that is accessible to students and parents*depth of subject knowledge*process of creating final product*dialogue and delegation of tasks*success of the team*their contribution made to the team (twitter) (blog)
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