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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 CONFLICTS 101: Siblings fight over computer or gaming console It is very important to stop siblings from fighting especially the little things. If this continues, the relationship of these siblings will worsen, which according to some parents will break their hearts. It is better to stop them fight over the computer before grudges among siblings begin to worsen STEP 1 : Agree on who will use the computer for school purposes Agreeing on who will use the computer for study purposes like research etc. must be given priority, wherein this may affect their future. This too is important to agree on become priorities must be given to the necessary doings. If not given study priorities, it is possible that the user will not have a good grade. STEP 2: If no school works are to be done, decide who will use the computer for gaming purposes. In deciding this, the younger sibling must be prioritized because according to 2/3 of the interviewed parents, the younger children lose their patience easily. If both are of the same age, they have to decide by a game of Rock Paper Scissors, or checkers and the winners must be the first user. In this way, both parties can strengthen their relationship between themselves. STEP 3: Decide how many ours each of the siblings will manipulate the computer. Limiting the time for the users must be at least 1-2 hours. Not only it is fair for both users, but its is also safe for the eyes to avoid astigmatism according to 2 parents . The waiting person may use his waiting time wisely by reading a book or resting. STEP 4: Take fair turns in using the computer There was a saying, " Use your Time Wisely". The youth nowadays tend to be abusive in passing time by playing computer games. This step will trigger a good example on how these kids may use their time in the future fairly and wisely STEP 5: Once finished, in the same scenario, repeat if necessary. Repeating this steps will give a little exercise to the patience of kids. In some cases, never allow them to abuse their time. Whenever this happens, the youth may have a good future when it comes to following rules and agreements fairly and orderly
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