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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 August 22, 1910 Korea declared a Japanese territory after the 1905 Japan Korea Treaty which first made Korea a protectorate, and the 1910 Japan Korea Annexation Treaty. July 17, 1945 August 8, 1945 The Soviet Union declared war against Japan and makes plans to attack Korea. The 25th army was planned to invade the Korean peninsula up to the 38 parallel to what later was known as North Korea. June 28, 1918 Important Events Leading to December 1950 The United States drops an atomic bomb on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in an attempt to get Japan to surrender in World War 2. Potsdam conference is held and United States and the Soviet Union being friends in world war two create plans to occupy Korea following Japans defeat, with Soviet Unions troops occupying the top side of Korea and the United States troops occupying the bottom half separated by the 38th parallel. double click to change this header text! Conflict on the Korean Peninsula August 6, 1945 The first Communist Korean party is established by Russian Alexandra Kim who met with Independence fighters and formed Korean People's Socialist Party. She is credited to be Koreas first Communist. August 10, 1945 Soviet troops begin to move into Northern Korea. August 15, 1945 Japan loses Korea after their unconditional surrender in World War 2 because of the fear of another atomic bombing. August 25, 1945 Soviet forces complete their occupation of Northern Korea and halt their Southern movement at the 38th parallel line as negotiated at the Potsdam Conference. October 13, 1945 The North Korea Bureau of the Communist Party of Korea is established with Kim Il-Sung as the chairman to rule the communist party. September 9, 1945 The US make it to Seoul where they accept the Japanese surrender. December 7, 1945 Meeting held in Moscow for foreign ministers to discuss the creation of a trusteeship where the Korean government would prepare for full independence. Almost every Korean immediately objects this except the Korean Communists. 1947The Cold War The Cold War between the United States of America with the Western Bloc and the Soviet Union with the Eastern Bloc is started. This is because World War II left the US and the USSR as the superpower nations, yet they both had disagreements in economics and politics. As a result, they both went to war. March 12, 1947 The United States starts to fear the growing communist power so the Truman Doctrine which is a speech said by president Harry S. Truman officially addressing the containment of Communism as a vital American national security interest. July 17, 1948 Constitution of the Republic of Korea is adopted July 20, 1948 Syngman Rheeis elected the first president of the Republic of Korea with 92.3% of the votes. His competitor, Kim Gu, received 6.7% of the votes. July 15, 1948 The Republic of Korea was formally established on South Korea, and Rhee became the first President of the Republic of Korea September 9, 1948 The Democratic Republic of Korea is established to go against its counterpart, the Republic of Korea. June 25, 1950 North Korea invades South Korea August 4, 1950 Northern Korea has captured Seoul and have advanced further than Daejeon leaving the South Korean and American troops to retreat to the Pusan Perimeter November, 1950 China joins the fight against the US. Current Date: December 2015
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