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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Internal Conflict Conflict Trying to Find Chinatown Conflict with the Environment Example 1: Example 2: David Henry Hwang's Trying to Find Chinatown Conflict By: Janie Richardson Works Cited a disagreement between two characterssuch as the protagonist and the antagonistin a story a problem occurring withinone of the characters an issue occurring around one of the characters Hwang, David Henry. "Trying to Find Chinatown." Compact Literature. Ed. Laurie G. Kirszner and Stephen R. Mandell. 8th ed. Wadsworth: Boston, 2013. 1549-1555. Print. This story is about a mannamed Benjamin who is justtrying to find Chinatown. As he approaches a musicianplaying on the street, Ronnie, whom he thinks may knowwhere it is, he gives him a dollar maybe in return forsome directions. But, thatdidn't go as well as he thoughtit would. It began to start anargument and in the end Ronnie never gave him directions. Neither Benjamin or Ronniewant to be stereotyped. They just want to be thoughtof as normal people. So, in the story they bothdefend themselves to get there point across. In the beginning Benjamindoesn't think of it as abig deal to ask someonejust like him for directions.But, when he did, themusician Ronnie took it ashe only asked him becausehe was Chinese whichwasn't the case. Ronnie thought that he wasbeing racist. Example 3: Ronnie is very particularabout what you call his violin as he is very passionate about it. He got really mad when Benjamin called it a fiddle. He beganto go off on him as he did that.
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