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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Manheim Township Education Fondation Concussion Baseline Testing The Story behind Concussion Baseline Testing Why was it important? What is MTEF? Manheim Township EducationFoundation provides resourcesto educators,administrators school- related groups for innovativeeducational programs for all Manheim Township School District students Back in 2013, the MTEF had granted Mr. John Loose $1,200 to start the Concussion Baseline Testing. During this timethere was a large amount of studies and researchon the effects of brain trauma/ concussion. In the end the results shown that the schools need to be better on informing diagnosis and the extent of the injuries. Have each student- athlete take a Concussion BaselineTesting help establish the need for therapy and or makingdecisions about the return to the activity based on symptoms.It has been proven that the concussion can effect studentsin the classroom, not just on the field.This program help aid students- athlete in both the fieldand the classroom. The Lasting Effect How you can help MTEF Provided each student- athleteand their parent/ guardians a tool thatcan be used to promote healthand help them to make health- relateddecisions based off of information notjust speculation. Visit the home page MTEF. netand click on the donation tab.There multiple ways to donate toMTEF, such as donating directlyto MTEF office. Sponsor anEven or honor an educator.
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