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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 HCD may have worked for Presence...but will it work for your organization??? If clients are diverse, then the HCD method can be useful for discovering themes and grouping information If the end users of your software are few in number then making small changes and receiving immediate and continuous feedback from users will be more feasibleand the lean/agile approach will be useful If your clients are relatively similar to one another then making many, small iterations will be easier and thelean/agile methods may work well If you have a large number of clients or end users the HCD method can be helpful to focus on conceptsrather than individual issues Having sophisticated end users will make it easierfor users to adapt to many small changes and continuous user feedback will be more meaningful for continuous improvement using a Lean/Agile approach Selecting a framework to design for customer success CONCLUSION Do you have a large number of end users? Are your end userssophisticated? Are your clients businesses (vs.consumers)? If your end users are not sophisticated, then they may not be able to articulate their problems or understand possible improvements well. HCD is great for uncovering latentproblems to understand what your user needs,even if they don't. If your clients are consumers, then you have a large base of possible usability testers to choose from and consumers can provide feedback very quickly to keep up with the pace of lean or agile design If your clients are businesses then using the HCD methodcan be a good tool for building empathy with your clientsand establishing rapport with the key stakeholders ofthe businesses Yes No Yes Yes No No Yes No CHARACTERISTIC Are your clientsheterogeneous?
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