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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Help for troubled families suffering from Chemical Dependency The Disease Model of Addiction by Terry Gorski What is the Disease Concept of Addiction? What is Disease? Must be 2 out of 3 1. A recognized cause. 2. A groupof signs & symptoms. 3. Consistentchanges in thebody systems. Addiction Has a Recognized Cause!!! mainly the abuse of alcohol and other drugs combined with genetic and environmental factors. Loss of control,tolerance, withdrawal,continued use despite consequences, inability to abstain, addictive lifestyle and cravings. Addiction is diagnosedbased on the following signs and symptoms: "the loss of control over the use of a substance." Addictions are not about will power... *The fact is precisely that an addict cannot change in thelong run even if she/he wants to!*It is important to understand that this loss of control is manifested not in terms of days or weeks, but in terms of months and years.*The reason addicts have lost control is because they have suffered permanent physical neurological changes based in their brains and nervous systems. ...if alcoholism or addiction develops, the problem has moved outside the realm of free choice. It has developed into a long term mental and physical neurological disorder. Addicts must take responsibility for their recovery and management of their disease. It is not an easy task, but treatment works and recovery is possible.
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