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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 This is the main part of the computer that you look at. It shows what you type or clickThis is an output device which means it puts outinformation to you. Keyboard Monitor A keyboard is the piece that haslots of buttons with letters on it.What is typed in goes onto themonitor. It is an input devicewhich means you put informationinto the computer. Mouse The mouse is used to clickthings that show up on themonitor. It is an input device. Disk Drive A disk drive storesinformation that youmight save on thecomputer. CPU The CPU, or Central PorcessingUnit, is the brains of the computer. It tells everything else on thecomputer what to do. Motherboard double click to change this header text! The motherboard iswhat many parts ofthe computer attach to.Such parts as the BIOS,CPU, and memory. Memory Memory is the parts of the computerthat store information. There 2 types:RAM and ROM. RAM, or Random AccessMemory, is memory that can be accessedno matter what order. ROM, or Read-OnlyMemory, is memory that has to be accessedin a certain order or way. Sound and Graphics Card A sound card decides if thereis a sound, and it decides whetherto play it over the computer's speakers.A graphics card is plugged into the motherboard and displays videos, pictures,and 3D on the monitor. Hard Drive The hard drive stores all datasuch as files and folders. It canbe on the inside or outside of the computer. Modem The modem helps the computercommunicate through wiresto other parts of the computerand other computers.
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