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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Consider the mouse to be the arms and legs of the computer. It allows youto navigate the computerand input basic functionsthat bring you to the part of the computer where you want to be.Without it, it would be veryhard for you to get thecomputer where you want it to be. In the 21st century, many jobs and careers involve working with computers. But how do computers really work?When looking inside and around the computer, you willfind many different parts. Each part of the computer is a uniquecomponent that the computer can function without. What's inside my computer? The keyboard is very important for inputting complex functions into the computer.It allows for you to communicate with it and is your way of having complete control over your what your computer does. The monitor displays important visual information. Without it, it would be impossible to know what your computer is doing. The disc drive allows for you to insert discs. These discs can be movies, games, and programs. They are capable of writing and saving important files Graphics cards are incredibly important. It works closely with the monitor, memory, and motherboard by creating the visual information that is displayed and used. The motherboard is by far the most important component of a computer. It is the brains of the operation, and is responsible for controlling all other parts within the computer and processing what they do. RAM (Random Access Memory) is the type of memory used for storing temporary information. It stores currently running processes and visual information. The hard drive is where most information is permanently stored. All types of files and programs are kept here for use by the user. By using a mouse and keyboard, you are easily able to navigate the files that are contained here. A sound card is what creates audio for a computer. It is translated through speakers or headphones. While not necessary for a computer, it is recommended as it can be used as notifications in the least. The modem is an external device that connects to to the internet and other devices on the same network. It does not have to be relatively near your computer for you to recieve a signal, but it is recommended that you use an ethernet cable for the best connection. The CPU is what proccesses all data for the computer. It works very closely and is usually located with the motherboard. It is necessary for the computer as no information could be handled without it. RESOURCES ng
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