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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Jacob Baremore I am crazy because I will do anything someone tells me to do besides jump off abridge or kill your self not that theirs was a time when me and my best friend Joey Polega where driving quads down my street so we tried to tie a rope to the quad and I pulled him down the street with a sled and I was going a little fast and I drifted and I made him slide right up a tree he was still in the sled it was pretty funny me and Joey make some great memories together and dangerous ones mostly I have Camping in my bubble because I always been camping since I was not even one I love camping so much I love building fires and cutting wood making forts shooting guns and all the good stuff people say you are not camping the right way we camp in a camper thats what it is made for but people say you should be in a tent but I say I would love to be warm and I would want to survive over night not being cold all night long and get no sleep I have tools in my bubble because I love fixing stuff and most of all I love spending time with my dad we used to never spend time together when I was little because he would work so much you try not seeing your dad for a whole day when I wake up everyday he is already at work when I was little I would wake up he would be at work when I went to bed he would just get home and then it repeats but now I still wake up and he isnt their and now I get home from school a hour later he is home so I love that I see his face everyday. My super hero is the way he is because people say that I am tought so that is why he is made of rocks because rocks are hard I have those teeth because people say I am evil so the teeth go good the eyes are like that because I loved spiderman when I was younger the horns are like that because my family says that I am a redneck I have a tail because I like animals like lizards and stuff my color is like that because their americas colors I didnt do white but it still looks good
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