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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 MISS SEIM'S GENERAL MUSICCLASSCOMPOSERSSTUDIED2014-2015 "THE REVOLUTION OF MUSIC" ERA (1678-1741) Antonio VivaldiNicknamed: "The Red Priest"Played violin & taught atorphanage for girlsWrote over 500 ConcertosWrote concertos, operas, church music and much more (1918-1990) Leonard BernsteinFirst American to conduct an American OrchestraUsed TV to bring classical music to a wide audienceComposed for musical theater (1685-1750) Johann Sebastian BachBaroque Era - Organist Held three major jobsSeen as ordinary working composerMusic was not discovered until 100 years after his deathOne of the greatest musical geniuses ANCIENT ERA 1500 B.C.-476 A.D. MEDIEVAL ERA 476-1400 (1839-1881) Modest MussorgskyRussian composer part ofthe "Mighty Handful"Military officer & composerMost known for his "Pictures at an Exhibition" RENAISSANCE ERA 1400-1600 (1756-1791) Wolfgang Amadeus MozartChild prodigy BIRTHPLACE OF ORGANIZEDMUSIC: Euripides(408 B.C.) (1770-1827) Ludwig van Beethoven"Greatest living composer"Began going deaf at age 30Composed some of his best musicafter he went deafMost known for his 9 Symphonies (1810-1849)Frédéric Chopin MODERN ERA1900-Present 1750-1820 THE CLASSICAL BEETHOVEN BRIDGESTHE GAP BETWEENCLASSICAL ANDROMANTIC ERA COMPOSER TIMELINE (1898-1937) George GershwinTaught himself to play pianoComposed a combo of classicaland popular music"Rhapsody in Blue" & Broadway Show: "Porgy and Bess" (1900-1990) Aaron Copland (1732-1809) Joseph Haydn"Father of the Symphony"Developed the string quartet & SymphonyWrote music for Esterhazy PrincesJokester Composed first song at age 5Composed over 600 songs duringhis short life ROMANTIC ERA 1825-1900 Greatest Pianistof his dayPatriotic to PolandNationalism BAROQUE ERA 1600-1750 Most famous AmericanComposer"American" soundComposer & Conductor Who will be theNext Great Composer? PRESENT and BEYOND
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