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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Competitio n and Predator Prey Competition happens when 2 different species require the same biological resource, like food. These animals thencompete over the biologicalresource (in this case, food), reducing each others growthand population. Normally, there are 2 types of competition,Interference and Exploitation. Interference is when the animals directly influence each other, like animals fighting for the same sourceof food. during exploitative competition, organisms interact indirectly by consuming scarce resources. A predator is an organismthat eats another organism.The prey is the organism thatis eaten by the predator. these2 parts make up the predatorprey relationship. In thisrelationship, the predator relies on the prey forfood, and the prey relies on the predator for pop.balance, among other things. Just like the competition shown inthe above picture, animals competefor food, water, and other natural resources that they need to survive In this picture, the lion isthe predator, and the zebrais the prey. They may notknow it, but they rely oneach other in different ways. The above graph shows thatif the population of the preyincreases, the population ofthe predators increases, andif the population of the preydecreases, so does thepopulation of the predators. this picture shows plants starting to grow. in an example of exploitative competition, a plant willabsorb nitrogen into it's roots, preventing the other plants from having any. Lions and hyenas are an example of interference competition. they compete for the same food, scavenge the same bodies, and they are bigcompetitors. Sometimes they even kill eachothers young when fighting for resources!
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