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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Base PayModel Equal-ShareModel Productivity Models Quality PerformanceModels Survey Models A flat base pay componentattempts to level the compensation for the various strengths & dynamics of the group - itis typically combined withsome productivity bonus The basic premise of a basepay model is that eachphysician brings differentskills, experience, patientcare, supervision, and efficiencies The base pay model mayhave a range of pay based seniority The equal-share modelis very similar to the base pay model. The basic premise is that eachphysician brings an equallevel of value to thepractice through his/hervarying levels of strengthsin different/essential areas The equal-share model mayor may not be used inconjunction with aproductivity bonus The equal-share model is typically dependent on a pool of funds available for compensation Productivity models attemptto compensate physicians based solely on the financialbenefits that he/she bringsto the practice Productivity models can bebased upon a pool of available funds or can bepaid as a percentage of aproductivity measure The measures used for determining productivityvary greatly and can include the following:Gross ChargesNet ChargesCollectionsEncountersRVUs Relatively newer modelthat is a by-product of recent healthcare law chages Quality performance modelscan be based upon patient surveys to more complexmeasures associated withpatient outcomes These models have not gained significant acceptance as measurescan be dependent on patient compliance Some practices basecompensation on the MGMAPhysician Compensation andProduction Surveys publishedeach year In addition to providing average compensation figures for variousspecialties, the survey provides data for compensation compared to:RVUsCollection RatiosChargesCollections Like the productivity models,there is a danger ofinadequate working capitalto support this model Productivity models mayalso be tied to "target levels"for specific measures - the challenge with these models is the danger of inadequateworking capital The survey model may be used to determinecompensation based on a percentage or rate ofcharges, collections, or RVUs The quality performancemodel is typically dependent on a pool of funds available for compensation
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