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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Wow! Look how much better our oases are than your "puny" mountains! Ha! Produced by; Geode Inc. Brought to you by the creators of the iSlab and iPapirus, the newest trends and popularity. You'll be head-bangin' all night with the app, Bang-Your-Head-Against-It 4 - Our oases are perfect for gathering goods to trade, but we are still sort-of isolated by a desert... Mountains! Oases! Our Oases have all the goods for for your health,Compared to your mountains, moving here would bring wealth all health health You are way too cool and moist in the mountains Livability: Livability: Down in the oases, we are nice and humid, always Trade: Trade: 2 - Your mountains are very isolated and traders cant get to your mountains, though the other settlers living in the mountains can trade with you, you can't trade with people outside the mountains 2 - Your mountains have little water and not many trees and plants. Your mountains are hard to build houses on and they are isolated, but the temps never got too high (Unlike our oases) 5 - We have one of the most fertile places in Arabia. We also have lots of resources You have little to no natural fertile land We are mostly made up of fertile land You actually have to irrigate your crops, with so little water We live by a body of water, so we don't have to work the land very hard
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