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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Compare and Contrast of the American and French Revolutions American Revolution French Revolution Caused by people wanting a change, rejecting of British monarchy Caused by being deeply in dept and attempting to restore financial statusthrough unpopular taxation schemes Both were forms of political upheaval Both were very violent and bloody Violence: Bastille & the Fall of BastilleThe Great FearReign of TerrorGuillotine Violence: Battle of PrincetonBattle of YorktownBattle of SaratogaBattle of TrentonBattle of Bunker HillFort TiconderogaGuerilla Warfare Both ended Monarchies Changes in Gov: was no longer under Britain's controlIdeas involving natural rightsand more power given to the people was pushed by John LockeImportant documents came into affect, such as,The Bill of Rights Changes in Gov: Mostly the same as the outcomesImportant document came into affect:The Declaration of the Rights of Man Outcome:The Treaty of ParisRevolutionary War ended13 colonies became 13 states,after joining together to become the U.S.A Changes in Econ:Laissez Faire (replaced mercantilsomto regulate economy to achieve a balance of trades)operate with little or no governmentinterfernce Both took place in the late 1700's Changes in Econ:Napolean established the Bank of FranceIt helped intensify industrial revolutioninspired innovationFrance grew faster and stronger because ofsuccessive republics Outcome:French people finally overthrew aristocracy & took overSwept away French monoarchy & nobilityBegan Democracy
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