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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 YouMedia videos show children expressing themselves, and saying how positive the library is, even keeping some off the streets Twitter Facebook The Library uses Facebookto build relationships withthe community. Postsconsist of events, books,news, and technology inthe same way it does for Twitter, but focuses more on ascertaining the public'sopinion on things such aswhat they are reading andhow they feel on issues. 151 Subscribed120 Videos The library uses Twitter to show off library related projects, library events, books, news headlines, and innovative technology. Closer Look at these Weapons:Types of Posts within the Last Month 3,364 Tweets YouMedia Chicago 9% 15%Misc.,News, & Projects 66%Misc. Retweets that make the library look awesome Books andBook lists Rudy Lozano and CPL's Main Media Weapons 17 Facebook Posts 137 Twitter [Re]Tweets 10% Events 29% Events 24%Books andBook lists 47%Misc.,News, & Projects 5 Posts within the last month The library's YouthMedia program is used to attract Chicago's youth to the library by giving them a space to hang out, play games, play with technology, and create art in multiple mediums. YouthMedia uses social media to get children to come to events and as platform to show off kids' talents as they rap, recite poetry, sing, and create art. YouTube 0 5000 10000 15000 20000 25000 30000 35000 40000 Followers V.S. Facebook37,514 Likes Twitter13.1k Followers 0 25 50 75 100 125 150 175 200 Posts Twitter has 8x the posts and is far more active than Facebook, albeit their more arbitrarypostsBoth, for the most part, providethe same content with Facebookfocusing more on feedback withand Twitter posting more picks 17 Facebook Posts 137 Twitter [Re]Tweets Facebook Twitter 2,112 Likes 26 Posts within the last month 42 [Re]Tweets within the last month 1,810 Followers1,641 Tweets What the People Say about Rudy Lozano Most Tweets focus on positive experiences, great finds, good books, exciting upcoming events,and projects completedat the library. Vocal Facebook userstypically express muchinterest in books andlibrary events. Facebookusers post the most aboutloving the library. Seniors often cometo this library to spendtime with grand children;they also praise thelarge Spanish collection College and gradelevel students live inthis place and speakhighly of it, especiallykids who love the chessand YouMedia Program 8 out of 9 yelpersgave Rudy Lozanopositive reviews There is a Lot of Love for the Library, but all is Not Right Social Mediaisn't focused on helpinganyone As indicated by the data above,the library's social media posts focus on getting people into the library, but does little to say how each library is different or what each one has to offer the public.Besides YouthMedia and posts about the innovation lab, Chicago's social media does not advertise story-times, programs for seniors, specific branch programming, or any other programs that may help people better themselves. Rudy Lozano has no tablets, IPads, E-readers, or any innovative computer programs, not even Word No programs for seniors, even though 7,757 people around the areaare seniors The library receives very little funding, and needsrenovating. Books aredilapidated, desks areworn, and quite roomsare falling apart. Libraries, like RudyLozano can also usesocial media to gathersupport for the library,its programming, and funding CPL should have a main social media home on different platforms, but every branch should have there own too. With funding, the library can beginfunding new programsand purchase new materials.Rudy Lozano would be able to createprograms for seniorsand promote them onsocial media Afterward, each branch can promote library specific programs to help the specific needs of the community Starthere! You wind up with a happier people and happier library Saving the Library with Social Media
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