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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Event Details About the Event One Small Step for You, One Big Change for Them. Teams should seek to: Jalan Kukoh Commun-athon 2015 Brainstorm and design innovative solutions 6 February 2015 (9am - 5pm) 7 February 2015 (9am - 5pm) 9 February 2015 (6pm - 9pm) We welcome all opinions, knowledge, and ideas to tackle this challenge: How can we design innovative, non-conventional employment for unemployed parents that can be implemented in an effective and The winning team can look forward to seeing their ideas implemented by June 2015, in addition to attractive prizes. Participating Teams will also be rewarded for their brainstorming efforts and ideas! The Jalan Kukoh Commun-athon 2015 is a collaborative platform For enquiries, please contact Ms Sarah Tan: or Ms Jessica Fong: Familiarization with useful resourcesExperiential expeditions to Jalan KukohListening & hearing the residentsQuiet brain-writing Ideating and prototyping Validating and improving the prototypes for collective creative solutioning and social innovation. It is a gathering of professionals from the public, private and people sectors Tap on community assets and resources. Pitching to the panelPrize givingTalking about the futureDinner who are enthusiastic about making a difference in a sustainable manner. sustainable manner?" Consult residents for feedback to ensure sustainability
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