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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Affect/Effect:Affect is to act on or a change.Effect is a result or a consequence. It's/Its:It's is referring to "it is"Its a possessivepronoun or adjective There/Their:There means to that place.Their signifies ownership. 10 Commonly Misused Words double click to change this title text! Literally:Literally means a strict sense or word for word. There are so many ways to misuse words, most of the time the more common words are the words that are misused. It's easy to misuse words, most of the time the words are not used for their right purpose. Accept/ExceptAccept means to receive.Except is not including. To/Too/Two:To is a direction toward a point, person, place, or thing.Too is in addition, also, and furthermore.Two is a number. Lose/Loose:Lose is to become unable to find.Loose is not tight. Weather/Whether:Weather is talking about if it rains, snows, high winds, etc.Whether means expressing a doubt or choice between alternatives. Than/Then:Than means introducing the second element in a comparison.Then means at that time; at the time in question. Your/You're:Your stands for belonging to the person that the speaker is responding too.You're is referring to "you are" SOURCES EXAMPLES!Your shoes are getting really muddy.My brother is smarter than yours.My jeans are loose without a belt.Can I go on the boat too?
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