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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Loss of territories - productive land,industries and raw resources New York University Caisi Elliott © September 26, 2014 Sources: PLAGIARISM PLAGIARISM IS A SERIOUS OFFENSE AND WILL BE PUNISHED SEVERELY ALL PLAGIARIZING CALLS FOR AND ANYONE CAUGHT WILL WILL Plagiarism Includes:-Paraphrasing a sentence or phrase from a published work without including quotation marks or citations -Submitting your work to more than one class without permission from your instructors-Purchasing any paper or research from another person and submitting it as your own These are punishable whether intended or otherwise FAIL THE COURSE DISCIPLINARY ACTION THROUGH THE UNIVERSITY It can result in expulsion! HONOR CODE I shall perform honestly all my academic obligations. I will not represent the words, works, or ideas of others as my own; will not cheat; and will not seek to mislead faculty or other academic officers in their evaluation of my course work or in any other academic affairs.I shall behave with decorum and civility, and with respectful regard for all members of the Universityfaculty, staff, and fellow studentsour guests, and members of our wider communities.I shall abide by the College and by the University rules of conduct and policies on academic integrity and by the special requirements of any individual course of study or other academic activity.I shall endeavor earnestly to uphold the values, standards, and ideals on which our University community depends and call on others to do so. "As a student in the College, I pledge that -NYU College of Art and Science Honor Code THE FOUNDATION IS THE ASSESSMENT OF IDEAS AND THEIR SOURCES HONEST If after giving a failing grade the department believes thereshould be a more severe penalty, they can give the case to the Dean.
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