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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 CORNELL UNIVERSITY v.s. TEXAS STATE UNIVERSITY Percentage of male, female and minority students: 51% 49% 38% percentage of male,female and minority students: 56% 42% 44% Private/Ivy League Public 21,593Students 31,005Students 43,037 applicants6,105 accepted3,261 who enroll 14,875 applicants73.8% accepted61-64% enroll High school GPA in "A" rangeSAT/ACT scores 2000+/29+ A+ High school GPA NASAT/ACT scores 1270/29 N/A Room & board:$7,612 Room & board:$13,678 In state tuition:$23,523Out of state tuition:$30,910 In state tuition:$$9,516Out of state tuition:$20,376 9:1Student:Faculty Ratio 20:1Student:FacultyRatio 96% Graduate70.5% of Graduatesfind employment 61-64% Graduate89% of Graduatesfind employment Exchange programs foundin almost any countryworldwide Abroad programs in England,France, Germany, Middle East,And Asia. Located in Ithaca,NY Located in San Marcos,TX Books cost $850 Books cost $810 Strongest majors:Engineering, Business, Marketing, SciencesSpecial Programs:Pre-Law internship in NYC, DC summer program,Urban semester program in NYC Strongest majors:Multidisciplinary studies, Business/Management,Psychology, MarketingSpecial Programs:Special Education program Preferred H.S. class rank for acceptance is top 10% Preferred H.S. class rank for acceptance is top 10% Both Universities: Are in the U.S.A Have Sports Teams Have Majors in the Health field Have students from around the world
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