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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 How important is college? Is it worth it? by sarah rodriguez employed college graduates age 25-32 earn roughly $17,500 more annually reasons why you should go to college-Expand your horizons and expose yourself to new experiences-you'll always be marketable-Secure your future-Helps you attain the career of your choice What true people said about college-mr.bazis said"it prepares you for the future."-ms.grey said "It gives you more life experience and it's worth it, because of the degree and networking."-mrs.stelman said "It allows you to grow into the responsibilities of an adult and i think everyone should have the chance to go." more reasons-The more college graduates would reduce the pay gap-They achive a higher skill level-People with a college degree earn around twice as much-It opens many doors and provides advantages and opportunities -It equips people with the tool of being able to make informed and intelligent choices-You'll have a strong sense of pride and self. I can go on and on, on how you should go to college and how its good,and all these facts but the main idea of this is just me trying to tell you that college is good,it will help you get somewhere in life and if you want to be successful and have a good life and want to be able to support your future family then you should go,their isn't and doubt in my mind that college isn't nothing but good. I mean how can more education be a bad thing?
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