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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 and Group rights have historically been used both to infringe upon and to facilitate individual rights, and the concept remains controversial. who has them Collective Rights Group rights, also known as Collective Rights, are rights held by a group rather than by its members. Collective Rights Individual Rights One group that is known for Collective rights is Francophones, people who have French as their first language. Francophone, a person who has French as their first language. Anglaphone, someone who has English as their first language. Bonjour! Uh... Hey? So why do Francophones have Collective Rights? While there were many English speaking schools in Canada, there were no Frenchspeaking schools in most provinces. After the Charter of Rights and Freedoms became apart of Canada's constitution, French parents began to lobby for their first languageunder section 23 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Section 23:Guarantees minority language educational rightsto French-speakingcommunities outside Quebec, and, to a lesser extent, English-speaking minorities in Quebec. Another reason Francophones have Collective Rights today is because of theManitoba Schools Act in 1890. This act : Abolished public funding for Catholic schools. Made Manitoba an officially English-only province. Later, this act was largely resolved and what followed are the collective rights for Francophones. Considering the number of people who speak French in Canada, these rights werehighly necessary. Other 11% French 30% English 58% Languages of Canadians (2011 Cencus Canada)
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