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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Cold War Competing political philosophies of USSR and U.S. Cold War Yalta Conference -U.S., Britain, USSR meet and divide Germany to occupy -Stalin joins war against Japan and promise free elections to E Europeans United Nations -U.S., USSR, 48 other countries -Protect members against aggression -General assembly-UN members cast votes on issues -Security council- investigate and settle disputes (U.S. And USSR split after war) Iron Curtain -Soviets and satellites are behind the iron curtain -Democratic W Europe and communist E Europe Truman thinks Stalin not allowing free elections is a violation of rights Tells him to permit them but Stalin refuses Containment-stop expansion of communism Truman Doctrine Marshall Plan- provide food and machinery to rebuild W Europe Soviets want Germany weak and divided Berlin Airlift 10 w European nations join U.S. And Canada to form NATO USSR forms Warsaw Pact Berlin Wall separates E and W Berlin U.S. has A bombs and tests H bomb, USSR explodes atomic weapon, and work is started on thermonuclear weapon Brinkmanship requires nuclear weapons and Air Force CIA fly over USSR and spy on U-2's Zionists want land in Palestine Leader from Balfour Efforts to build Jewish state fails Israel=independent Israel invaded but they win Nd seize half the land set aside for Palestinians Palestinians go to refugee camps Egypt invades Suez Canal Israelis defeat Egyptians and crisis ends Six-day war Sadat attacks Israelis Truce War ends PLO want to liberate Palestine Camp David Accords end hostilities between Egypt and Israel Carter invites Sadat and Menachem to begin Camp David Palestinians start intifada Secret talks lead to the Oslo Peace Accords Clinton hosts 15 day summit meeting between Batak and Arafat 2nd intifada uses suicide bombers Sharon and Abbas work on new plan- "road map"
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