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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Cognitive Learning Figure 3. The connection steps from Assimilation to Accommodation [3]. Figure 1. Figure illustrating the fields that contributed to the birth of cognitive science[1] Figure 2.Computer Motherboard and its components [2]. I . SchemaII. Adaptation processesIII. Stages of Development: cognition sensation,perception,attention,encoding and memory In this interaction the teacher can provide a design structure which is organized,learner should be familiar with the concept, or can construct the student to create that structure. Long Term-Method The stages of development Teaching by using senses Student meta-cognitive skills Learning by understanding the concept and not memorizing it. Cognitive learning method References: 1. hardware/.3.,Anne,Carlile,Orison,Stack, Annetta 2008. Approaches to Learning: A Guide for Teachers. McGraw--‐Hill Education. IntroductionHow learning occur in mental from the changes in mental condition History David Descartes David Hume Immanuel Kant Bendict de Spinoza Nicolas Malebranche Pierre Cabanis Leibniz John Locke methods invoking cognitive learning Introduction Kouros Khamoushi 3 Basic Components To Piaget's CognitiveTheory
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