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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 What about animals? COGNITION Thinking, Problem Solving, Creativity, and Language COMPONENTS of THINKING PROBLEM SOLVING BARRIERS TO PROBLEM SOLVING/ DECISION MAKING LANGUAGE 1. Phonemes (smallest sound unit)2. Morpheme (smallest unit that carries meaning)3.Grammar (system of rules)4. Semantics (set of rules which derive meaning)5. Syntax (rules for combining words into sentences) Yes! Researchers have observed animals make noises or signals that alert other animals of the species or other species Our spoken, written, or gestured words and the ways we combine them to communicate meaning 1. Preparation- identifying, separating, & defining2. Production- generating possible solutions using algorithms and heuristics3. Evaluation- judging solutions in step 2 against the criteria of step 1 Do animals use language? Mental Sets Overconfidence Framing Belief Bias Availability Heuristic Confirmation Bias Scientists have designed Artificial Intelligence (AI) by programming computers to simulate human thought processes. The computers neural network mimic the brain's interconnected neural cells Representative Heuristic Functional Fixedness Belief Persever