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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 51 Sb Antimony 128 2 3 Chemcal properties Physical properties -Moderately ActiveElement. -Doesn't Combine with oxygen. -Doesn't react with coldwater / acids. -Melting Point: 1,170F -Boiling point: 2,980F -Density: 6.68 grams per cubic centimeter - Is a Metalloid -Silvery-white shiny element History of Antimony Uses of Antimony Epic Facts! Ashton Coffey 3rd Period Antimony has been known to exist since ancient times. It is known to first be used in a vase as long back as 3000B.C. Nicolas Lemery was a french chemist and was also the first person to scientifically study Antimony. He also publishes all of his findings in 1707. Also used a lot in medieval times for multiple purposes. Antimony is used to make certain types of Semiconductor devices. Such as Diodes and Infrared Detectors. It is also Alloyed with lead to increase lead's durability. Antimony Alloy's used in batteries, low friction metals and cable sheathing. It is also used to make Flame proof materials, paint, ceramic enamels, glass, and even pottery. 1. Used by Ancient Egyptians in the form of Stibnite for their Black eye Makeup. 2. Antimony and All of it's Compounds are toxic. 3. Antimony's symbol is based on the Eye of Horus, Ancient egyptians symbol for Protection. 4. Widely used in the Medieval times mainly used for Hardening Lead, but also for a Laxative Pill, which could be re-used and re-claimed.
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