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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 THE CAFFEINE WHERE WE GET IT JUST HOW MUCH WE DRINK WHERE WE BUY A CUP Over 75% of U.S.adults drink coffee,and 58% reported drinking coffee daily. Statistics of the Sip WHO'S DRINKING IT The "Big Four" coffee companiesin the US are Dunkin Donuts,Green Mountain Coffee Roasters,McDonald's, and Starbucks. In 2010, adult Americans 18 & over drank 51,134,967.5 gallons of coffee each day. One 8oz. cup of brewed coffee has95-200 mg of caffeine.More than 500-600mg perday may cause problems likeInsomnia, NervousnessRestlessness, IrritabilityUpset Stomach, Fast heartbeat, andMuscle tremors America has a love affair with coffee. It's not hard to notice that coffee shops are now on every street corner in all major cities, including parts of Tucson. By the year 2030, changes in the environment due to climate change will start to threaten the farms that grow the beloved arabica and robusta beans and the question is: Are Americans ready to pay more for their cup of joe? In orderto evaluate how the lowered availability of coffee will effect culture and health on a local level, it is necessary to understand just how profound the obsession is with the America's favorite bean. That is almost as much as the volume of 77 and a halfOlympic-size swimming pools.Remember: this is one day! Sources:Starbucks, Mayo Clinic, Harvard School of Public Health, SBDCNet, U.S. Censuc Bureau In 2013, Starbucks had a netrevenue of $14.9 billion. By: Taylor Sanders
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