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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The truth about gifted students By: Cody Lewis Common myths about gifted students One of the most common lies about students who are gifted includes "Gifted students do not need help. If they are really gifted, they can manage on their own." The truth Many people say that gifted students are smart enough to handle any problem and that if they need help, they are not really gifted. That is not true because everybody has their own strengths and weaknesses. Reasons To say that you will never need to ask someone for help is like saying that you are perfect. If everyone was perfect, the world wouldn't be. My evidence for disproving this claim is "Some children are 'Mappers' (sequential learners), while others are 'leapers' (spacial learners). Leapers may not know how they got a 'right answer.' Mappers may get lost in the steps leading to the right answer." If you're like me, I sometimes understand certain subjects in algebra easily, and then there are others that leave me not even knowing where to start. Why people think thisPeople think this because gifted students are normally ahead and at the top of the class. Therefore, teachers categorize students with special abilities as ones who don't need help, and are sometimes shockedif they are struggling and don't get A's in all of their courses. The solutionPeople should stop inferring that giftedstudents are perfect, because no one is. Everyone learns at their own level, and gifted students haveone that is higher than most. If you have gifts, it means that you think differently thanother students, and because of this we sometimes get confused. Everyone will eventually need help fixing their mistakes. It's part of being human. Although some kids can manage to solve problems on their own,these people are not easy to come by and they too, will eventually need some sort of assistance. STARTHERE
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