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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Start of the Arab Spring On December 17th 2010 in Tunisia Mohamed Bouazizi set himself on fire after being harassed by local police. Shortly after in Egypt On the of 17th of January in Cairo, Egypt, a man set himself on fire outside of the parliament building in protest to economic rights. Protesters succeed On the 14th of January the Tunisian president fled to Saudi Arabia due to protests. First and already brutal On January 25-26th in Egypt, the first organized protest went horribly wrong. The protest resulted in security forces using tear gas and other forms of violence to stop the citizens from protesting. Finally After the leaders of Egypt and Tunisia leave,international response to it was thefreezing of the ex-leaders funds.(Occu-rred at diff. times). Was Tunisia better off? In Tunisia there was significantly less violence toward protesters compared to Egypt. (The Guardian Timeline) Black= Similarity White= Difference Double animal + color= Both countries andsimilarity or difference Age of protesters In Tunisia the protests were primarily powered by young, and more diverse people than Egypt. Link= The Arab Spring was a whole region (North Africa and Middle East)in revolt againsttheir government's currentsystem for society. Arab Spring Tunisia's revolt succeeded while Egypt's did not. The country was being destroyed by violence
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