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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 -Please select where the organization is located.-Please do not choose Statewide rather select where the organization is physically located. SERVICE AREA: the region where the grant will do its work. GRANTS CapitalLakesManchesterMonadnockNashua What are the options? CapitalLakesManchesterMonadnockNashua REGION: the geographic location where the organization is based. These characteristics will be added to your workflow when you process a New Award in Good Done Great. The same characteristics exist in GE; thus the coding will be transferred over. GRANT CODING GUIDELINES -If the grant does work in two regions, select the two regions. -If it does work in three or more regions, please select Statewide. CHOOSE ONE, TWO, OR STATEWIDE INITIATIVE: is the grant part of an inititiative. CHOOSE ONE What are the options? CHOOSE ONE North CountryPiscataquaUpper ValleyOutside defined regions (note: Statewide should NOT be selected here) North CountryPiscataquaUpper ValleyStatewideOutside defined regions AGES SERVED: If this grant work focuses on a specific age group, select that age group Infant/Early Childhood (<5 years)Youth (6-17)Young Adult (18-25) Adult (26-65)Elder/Senior (65+)All/general What are the options? CHOOSE ALL THAT APPLY What are the options? For e