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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 start from scratch[clears the canvas] Serving our customers Growing our people * Take responsibility for personal development* Give constructive feedback* Be an example* Encourage and support* Acknowledge excellence Delivering to our shareholders * Avoid wasteful and unnecessary expenditure* Maximise efficiency and profitability* Strive to meet the service levels set* Be proud of the organisation and live the Brand * Encourage, support and acknowledge good work* Accept group decisions positively* Share knowledge* Be positive and considerate What guides our success and quality? Serving our Customers * Treat external customers & business partners with empathy and respect* Provide accurate information timeously* Return customer calls same day* Respond to customer e-mails within 48 hours* Provide accurate information timeously Being proactive * Plan and prioritise* Query and follow up on outstanding replies* Have a sense of urgency* Communicate on a pre-determined and negotiated basis Working in teams Respecting each other * Be participative* Listen actively* Focus on issues not on people* Be punctual* No calls during meetings* No laptops in meetings* Be polite and respectful* Respect different cultures and views Upholding the highest levels of integrity * Be open, honest and transparent* Operate within the law and with integrity Constantly raising the bar * Celebrate successes with humility* Be open and objective * Guard against arrogance* Strive to achieve the goals* Assist team goal achievement Code of Conduct
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