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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Every year Americans are involedin starting or growing a young business. Manyof these entrepreneurs seek capital from equityinvestors - either Angel Investors or VentureCapitalists. Venture Angels Although most VC firms have a websiteand other ways of sending in cold call solicitations, it is best to be referred toa VC by someone who is know to the VC. helping stimulate growth 2. 2 *resources - 20 million Canadian Broadcasters Standards Council Code of Behaviour and Ethics Sex-Role Stereotyping Education Human Rights News Children's Programme CommunityActivities Radio Broadcasting Every person has the right to full and equalrecognition and to enjoy certainfundamental rights and freedoms Broadcaster is responsible toensure news shallbe representedwith accuracyand without bias Broadcaster isresponsible toprovide the closestpossible supervisionin the control ofmaterial and plot Broadcaster isresponsible toexhibit sensitivityto problems relatedto sex-rolestereotyping Broadcasters will try their best to make specificeducational efforts asentertaining as possible Broadcaster will trytheir best toidentify itselfactively withworthwhile community activities Broadcasters shall takespecial precautions to advise viewers of the content of programmingintended for adult audiences All on-air contests and promotions shall be conceived and conducted fairly and legitimately Radio broadcasterswill ensure thatprogramming theirstations does not contain offensivelanguage Broadcasters must try their best to avoid broadcasting any advertising material makes use of any subliminal device TelevisionBroadcasting ReligiousProgramming Broadcasters should endeavor to makeavailable community opportunity for presentation ofreligious messages ViewerAdvisories Broadcasters shallprovide a viewer advisory to assist consumers in making their viewing choices Prohibition ofSubliminal Devices Proper presentation of news and comment is the fundamental responsibility ofeach broadcaster Contests and Promotions Employees Advertising ControversialPublic Issues Broadcaster shall secure the highest calibre of persons who are qualified for and suitableto the duties for which each is hired Broadcasters areresponsible for theacceptability of advertising material they broadcast Broadcasters are responsible to treatfairly all subjects of acontroversial nature Full, Fair and Proper Presentation The purpose of thisCode of Ethics is to document the realization by managers of broadcasting stations Rennie Ip Grade 11 Radio Their responsibility:-To the radio listeners and television viewers of Canada forthe dissemination of information and news-The supply of a variety of entertainment programming to meet the various tastes of listeners and viewersThe necessity for ethical business standards in dealing with advertisers and their agencies
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