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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The hard shell of the coconut is called the husk. This white flesh of the coconut can beeaten or used forflour. These cosmetics, oils,and soaps are made ofcoconuts. In the comedy Monty PythonAnd The Holy Grail the knightspretend to ride horses and the servants clank coconuts togetherto imitate the sound of a horse's gallop. This is a coconut tree.Its name is cocos nucifera.It can yield 50-75 fruits a year. This is a larva.That means it is a small animal that will grow to something else.Larvae that become Snout Beetles are a common knownpredator to the coconut palm. This graph shows the amount of coconuts produced in the top five coconut producing countries and the map shows thesame but top ten countries COCONUTS The inside of the coconut contains coconut milk that can be used for drinking or cooking. 1. "Coconut". Wikipedia. 2014. 4 December 2014. http:// "Buko Pie". Wikipedia. 2014. 4 December 2014. http:// and Agricultura Organization of the United Nations Report 2002. 4 December 2014 Phelan, Karen. "Coconuts as Horses". Who Moved My Holy Hand Grenade?. . . 4 December 2014 Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Jones, Terry & Gilliam, Terry, 1975, EMI Films, Film 6. "Rhynchophorus ferrugineus". Wikipedia. 2014. 4 December 2014. http:// By: Maxwell B. Seelig and Jonathan Seelig
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