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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Friends Coco Chanel Ads Sources New in the 1902's ("Success is most often achieved by those who don't know that failure is inevitable.") About I just opened my third shop in Biarritz, down on the coast of France about 2 days ago and hundreds of women are wearing my keen designed clothes and creating a new way for the fashion brand, Today am launching my new purfume chanel NO.5 in France for only 3 days.Its already introduced to the U.S many other people have brought it and chanel NO.5 hasbrought in over 1million buyers.Im hoping it will go as swell here. Also is available in all stores I know this one will be a Big Cheese and Ritzy all in one. Although during the war women often had to wear trousers when working in traditionally male jobs, I came up this this Bees's Knees and switch up the ways women can wear their old trousers and show off their keen Gams. Next month my new Chanel purses will be in stock all around the world.Thousands are waiting to buy my bags.For a young lady like myself I seem to attract old folks,wanting to buy my spiffy purses.I will also be there signing my new perfumes also.Don't forget to purchase them. Yesterday I went on cruise to Paris with my sheba boy friend and while I was in the sun for a long time I accidentally got sun-burnt and got this really Hotsy Totsy swell tan, and when I arrived to Paris people were keening my dark glow and they quickly followed suit. I think about 10 months ago I went to this photo shoot in France and I went with the Ritzy keen huge fake pearl and glittering gem stones to make me stand out and this young lady said that she admired me and said that every one is trending my new style of wearing huge pearls.I cant beliecve i'm a Bees Knees to many people around the world. Andy Warhol Salvador Dali While I was with my friends a while ago we came up with this idea this new fashion statement and created the Chanel suit.It was classy,kinda men like with the tuxedo top and a short ritzy skirt that will show off a women's keen gams and this made pushover women want to buy my swell suits. Over these past few years there have been swell success and I just cant believe that I made it on my own of course with the help of my friends and fans that look up to me.And all he trends that I started couldn't be any more swell because of my followers looking up to me. The Flappers The Chanel Suit (Fashion) Ads (Technology) The Ford Mobile The Radio (A.K.A Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel)
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