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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Coca Cola Company Analyzing the strategies of one of the largest companies in the world during the 2014 World CupThe reason for the Companys success is based solely on their efforts in the advertising industry and the social network. The Company 2014 Campaign Strategy The FIFA World Cup Social Media Coca Cola was very smart about their campaign during the World Cup. With the new merchandise given for soccer enthusiasts, their label was involved causing a huge propoganda increase for the company. Coca Cola was more involved in personally talking to many users on the social media app Twitter, which generated 81,925 engagements that created over 1 Billion potential impressions during the first 30 days Connectivity generated over 55,000 new unique people on twitter, and a chain of interactions with each new follower created a total of over 63,000 new followers to the companys profile on Twitter. Coke now interacts with an average of 60 tweets a day to followers, which adds up to an incredible amount of interactions per month. Advertisements in the 2013 campaign generated Coca Cola $27 Billion according to the Coca Cola Annual Report on Form 10-K. For their current 2014 campaign, according to Kevin Shively, they have become the third largest global brand in the world. Their methodology can be analyzed as perfection of their image in social channels working in concert with one another For the 2014 campaign, Coca Cola geared up its efforts by obtaining its name as the official partner of the FIFA World Cup. This can be seen as an immense step forward, as each and every heading and advertisement given off by the World Cup now had Cokes name on it as well. This doubled up their game without the company even having to attempt any new big feats. Partnerships with companies help tremendously in both respects, especially if the two companies are unrelated in genre. Social media used by the 2014 campaign has been an ingenious was to incorporate many people into the program in order to help out without even realizing it. As a rhetorical advancement, Coca Cola has finally figured out how to partake into social media rather than single announcements to the uninformed individuals of the world. Followers Personal Tweets Per Day Engagements Impressions in first month New People 55,000 63,000 60 81,925 1 Billion
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