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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 5 benefits of coaching for business owners 3. Build resilience 5. Achieve more for your efforts 1. Be effective 2. Happy, fulfilled, people Find solutions to challenges Fuller use of individuals' talents Motivated people Improves performance 84% 79% 60% 57% Gain clarity & focus, a sounding board, &help in making those difficult decisions. Utilise your talent & increase your effectiveness as a leader. Openness to personal development Increased creativity, learning & knowledge Finally, time for you to work on taking your business forward. Increase capability within your business & realise your business ambitions. How many people said coaching: 70% say coaching enhances work performance 57% said coaching meant better time management 51% said coaching increased team effectiveness 69% 58% 4. Realise goals & ambitions A round up of key evidence which shows how engaging with a coach can support you and your business. 61% said coaching improved business management Sources: Case for Coaching, Jarvis, J; Lane, D; Fillery-Travis A, CIPD, 2006. Staff, associates, partners, suppliers, customers - so many people, so little time. Let's start with how many people say coaching could help you cultivate a more able team: Risk comes in many shapes & forms. Identify what it is that threatens your business & implement strategies to build resilience.
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