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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Unbiased Guidance What does Executive Coaching Trusted Advising offer? Step-by-Step Development Encouragement 100% Confidentiality Experiential Learning You are eligible for 7 HOURS of coaching Provide your coach as much notice as possible if you need to cancel a session (at least 24-48 hours notice). First time cancellation is a free pass; second time cancelling with less than 24 hours notice, you forfeit the designated time for the session you missed. Cancellation Policy Cancellation Policy Executive Coaching Reference Guide Executive Coaching Reference Guide How can I make the most out of coaching? How can I make the most out of coaching? - Be prepared and on-time for each coaching session. - Schedule adequate time between coaching sessions and work items. - Come open minded to Coach's techniques- Speak your mind- tell your coach what is really true- Be ready and willing to modify self-defeating management styles- Engage your sponsor or others to provide on-the-job feedback- Speak up if you are not getting what you need. Ask for what you want and need from the relationship. What should I expect from my Executive Coaching sessions? Introduction Foundation Engagement Closure - Review career history- Debrief Self & 360-Degree Executive Competencies Assessments- Identify top 2-3 areas for executive competency development- Discuss engagement of sponsor- Create development plan - Live coaching-discussion- Develop action steps towards goals- Seek ways to build personal brand- Practice mastery of new behaviors and reinforce strategies Still Have Questions?Rari Hilditch Director Leadership Developmentrhilditch@cio.comT: +1.508.766.5438 - Review original objectives/plan- Celebrate successes/outline results- Establish ongoing development, self-directed learning, resources, tools, mentors - Initial Call: Getting to know each other- Outline role and career aspirations- Establish goals/objectives working together- Review coaching model- Discuss mutual expectations
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