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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Estimated Time Until You Get the KEYS! We send the Sellers an offer double click to change this header text! From the Date the Contract isRatified, we have 10 days toconduct the home inspection,termite/moisture inspection, & send the sellers a list of itemswe want repaired. Then we wait............. The lender, title agent, attorney, and closing agent are all busy working "behind the scenes" to get us to the closing table on time. We complete the"Walk Through"to make sure all repairsare complete and thehome is in the same condition as when we wrote the offer. Closing Day!Stretch out your writing hand...You'll be signing documentsfor about an hour. Once completed, you get the keys & Congratulations!You're Home Owners! Start Shopping forHome Owners Insurance.You will need to give the lender and closing agent this information. Have all utilities scheduled to be switched over into your name on closing day. Don't forget to change your address! When you are asked for additional documents, it's imperative that you get them turned in quickly.Each day that passes without turning in the documents, pushes the closing back another day. The Sellers send us a counter-offer We continue to go back & forthuntil everyone is Happy. Everyone Agrees?? The Offer is now a Ratified Contract! From the Date that we send our list of repairs requested, we have 5 days to negotiate the repairs. Once any repairs are agreed to, the appraisal is ordered by the lender. You must pay for the appraisal at this time.
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