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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Cloning Pros and Cons of Human Cloning Health Research Funding Organization. 6 Dec 2013. 8 Oct. 2014. <> Around The World Number of Countries that have banned human cloning: 33 This is where the fantasies and myths about cloning are prevalent, all in the name of entertainment.This is also wheremany of thecontroversies of cloningare displayed indystopian futures Hollywood, CA Edinburgh, Scotland The city wherefamous cloneDolly the sheepwas born. Canada, Brazil, and India These are justa few of the countriesthat have banned humancloning, yet they arealso some of the countries that have notbanned stem cellresearch Number of Countries with a ban on stem cell research: 8 Seoul, South Korea This is where,in 2005,Snuppy, the world'sfirst cloned dogwas born Cloning is the process of making a copy of a living organism, cell, tissue or DNA section The controversy coming fromthe idea that if humans are clonedthey could be treated as a commodity, and others justthink it is ethically wrong alltogether, like most religions There are three basic types ofcloning: gene cloning, therapeutic cloning, and reproductive cloning.Gene cloning is the process of copying a single gene or section of DNA. Therapeutic cloning is the creation of stem cells to repair or replace a specific tissue. And reproductive cloning is the process of creating an entirelynew organism. This has been done many times with animals,but only now is thenext controversial step being considered: humans Made by James Bilinsky; Produced using
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