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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Clinton's Positive Legacy #1: Family Medical Leave Act This gave workers up to 12 weeks per year of unpaid family leave. This was used for the birth or adoption of a child and an illness in the family. tap and hold to change this title text! #2: Children's Health Insurance Program tap and hold to change this header text! This was a plan to provide health insurance for children whose parents could not afford it. #3: Taxing and Spending Once this was modified, it lowered interest rates and helped the economy. Also it enabled business to grow, create more jobs, and lower the federal deficit. tap and hold to change this header text! #4: AmeriCorps This put students to work improving low income, housing, teaching children to read, and cleaning up the environment. #5: Welfare Reform Act This limited people to no more than two years on welfare and required work to receive welfare benefits. #6: Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act This imposed a waiting period before people could buy handguns. It also required gun dealers to do a background check on buyers before selling guns. #7: NAFTA This was the North American Free Trade Agreement which was designed to remove tariff barriers between Canada, Mexico, and the U.S. #8: World Trade Center Bombing A car bomb was detonated at the World Trade Center which killed 6 people and injured 1,000. Ramzi Yousef took responsibility for this event. My opinion In my opinion, Clinton's legacy was positive. He created many acts and programs to help family's and citizens with healthcare and money issues. Not only did these help the economy, but the NAFTA also helped. NAFTA allowed the the U.S. to have open trade with the surrounding countries.
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