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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 People spend more time each year online browsing the internet for all types of information. 55% These days everyone is connected to the internet through computers. Whether mobile phones, laptops or tablets people are consuming more internet bandwidth globally. 4 Full Timers 26% 10% 100% Internal Medicine Cardiology 2 Full Timers2 PGDCC OBG 1.Add one Full Timer/Part Timer2. Enhance Gynae Work Obstecric & Gynaecology 1.Support Dr Satish Koul with an additional FT.2. Explore 2 potential external physicians for IP admission.3. Enhance Diabetes Management with Dia beta Care program. 3 Full Timers2 Part Timers OBG OBG OBG Cardiology Internal Medicine 1. Start CardiacSurgery program.2. Strengthen NIC servicesby adding ECHOHOLTER.3.Cardiac OPDS& NIC serviceson Sundays. General Surgery Pedriatrics Orthopedics 1.Add 2 Full Timers.2. LaproscopicInstrumentationBack Up3. initiation ofBreast Clinic 1. Add 1 Full timer 1. Add 1Full Timer Urology ER Services Blood Bank Training Programfor Urologist forKT to enhance In HouseCapabilities 1. Leverage ER Consultant forpromoting ER.2 Enhance ACLS/BLS TrainingPrograms Blood Bank to Support High Surgeries General Surgery Pedriatrics Current ConfigurationFY 15 1 Full Timer3 Part Timers Urology 1 Full Timer1 Part Timer 3 Full Timer Orthopedics 1 Full Timer1 Part Timer ER Services 1 ER Consultant4 Medical Officers
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