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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 What can I do to be healthy and fight climate change? people die from asthma Healthy Planet. Healthy Places. Healthy You. Healthy Planet. Healthy Places. Healthy You. Climate Change, Food & You Climate Change, Food & You Asthma is a lung disease that makes your airways inflamed and narrow. This can make you cough, wheeze, feel chest tightness, and be short of breath. Asthma Nearly 1 in 10 Americans have asthma. Everyday in America... 44,000 44,000 people have an ASTHMA ATTACK 36,000 36,000 4,700 4,700 kids miss school due to asthma people visit the ER due to asthma die ER ASTHMA ATTACK miss school 9 9 1 in 10 Common AsthmaTriggers Triggers Allergens (pollen,pet dander) Smoke Air pollution You can expect hotter days in the future because of climate change. Increases in temperature can lead to more ozone. Breathing ozone can result in more asthma attacks. ozone OZONE OZONE OZONE worsens your ASTHMA ASTHMA People most sensitiveto ozone include... children most sensitive older adults people withlung diseases active people irritates your lungs reduces lung function damages lung cells 2050 Climate change increases in ozone can lead to... more asthma attacks and other breathing problems (chest tightness, coughing, wheezing, and shortness of breath) Climate change increases in ozone 2010 2.8 MILLION asthma attacks 2030 2040 (U.S. projections) 4.1 MILLION more missed school days missed school days $5.4 BILLION 5,700 more babieshospitalized in health costsrelated to ozone more older adults 24,000 + + hospitalized health costs Many sources of ozone pollution and carbon pollution are the same: factories and power plants that burn coal and oil, and cars that run on gas. Lowering emissions from these sources can fightclimate change AND reduce other air pollutants like soot, SOx, NOx, and VOCs. Less air pollution means cleaner air. And cleaner air means healthier lungs! cleaner fight Healthy You: Breathe Easier Check the Air Quality Index to see how clean your air is (visit Talk with your doctor about how to manage your allergies more ER visits Asthma impacts African-Americans more than Whites... more hospitalizations more deaths NOT EQUAL 330% 330% 220% 220% 180% 180% ER visits hospitalizations deaths impacts African-Americans How does climate change affect my asthma? What causes my asthma symptoms? If you have asthma, then your lungs are much more sensitive to things that do not bother other people. These things that cause asthma symptoms are called "triggers." triggers Ozone is a type of air pollution that can cause asthma attacks... Ozone asthma attacks Asthma affects people unequally unequally How do my food choices affect climate change? OZONE ASTHMAATTACKS HEAT CLIMATE CHANGE hotter asthma attacks Climate change can increase temperatures and CO2 levels. This can lead to trees and grasses producing more pollen. Breathing in more pollen can worsen your asthma. more pollen worsen your asthma * A note about climate change & pollen... pollen Do less activities outside when the AQI is at unhealthy levels climate change Healthy Places: Take Action in Neighborhoods Bike and walk more to replace car trips Turn off the lights when you are not using them Image source: REVISE AS NEEDEDAmerican Academy of Allergy, Asthma, & Immunology (AAAAI): Lung Association: and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA): Heart, Lung, & Blood Institute (NHLBI): National Climatic Data Center (NCDC):, C. and J. Gamble (2009), "Aeroallergens, Allergic Disease, and Climate Change: Impacts and Adaptation", EcoHealth: H