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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 CLIMATE CHANGE HAS AFFECTED OUR BUNNIESSome bunnies change from white to brown as winter goes to spring and summer to help better blend into surroundings and hide from predators. However, the bunny population is quickly dwindling due to the fact that since we are having warm winters, their coats change colors in the dead of winter. This makes them easy to catch for predators. CLIMATE CHANGE AND HUMAN HEALTHWarmer weather spreads diseases and is a breeding ground for deadly bacteria floating in the air. Because of gloabl warming you are 23% more likey to contract a cold than you would be under regular conditions. CLIMATE CHANGE AND SEA LEVELSSea level rise is caused by two factors from global warming: the melted water from ice caps and the expansion of water molecules as water warms. Water rises at 3.42 mm per year! CLIMATE CHANGE AND AGRICULTUREPlants use carbon dioxide to make food. Increasing global temperatures are due to increading levels of carbon dioxide. Each year, carbon dioxide levels increase by 1.9 ppm! This means that plant growth will be out of control . CLIMATE CHANGE AND WEATHERClimate change has caused major natural disasters such as heat waves and large floods. Summers since 1970 have been slowly getting hotter and hotter and this has been melting ice and creating more precipitaion and floods. Effects of Global Warming Animals Agricul ture Human Health Weath er Sea Levels http://environment.nati vironment/global-war ming/gw-effects/http: // ects/ghttp://www.chic es/sns-green-climate- change-vs-easter-bunn ies-story.html
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