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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 CLEARINGHOUSES ARE PUBLIC OR PRIVATE AND THEY COLLECT, CLASSIFY, ANDDISTRIBUTE INFORMATION Taylor and Francis Online TOP TENUNITED STATESCLEARINGHOUSES Texas Center for the Advancementof Literacy and Learning Education Resources Information Center Educational Technology Clearinghouse edutopia National Center for ImprovingStudent Learning and Achievement inMathematics and Science Literacy Coaching Clearinghouse Education Consumers ClearingHouse . Programs, Products, Practices, and Policies in Education. Strategies, Issues and Ideas What Works Clearinghouse http://ed,gov/ncee/wwc/default,aspx National Center for Education Statistics This clearinghouse has practicalresearch based information. This is the primary federal entityfor collecting and analyzing data related to education. Bibliographic records of educationliterature, plus a growingcollection of full text, datingfrom 1966. Education facts and networkingfor parents, policymakersand taxpayers Dedicated to improving theK-12 learning process bydocumenting disseminating and advocating innovative, replicable and evidence-basedstrategies that prepare students to thrive in their futureeducation, careers, and adult lives Committed to advancing K-12 students'learning of mathematics and science. committed to reducing the incidenceof adult illiteracy in Texas. Taylor & Francis Online is the platformthat supports the Library in its missionand puts research first. This site offers an array of policy and practice briefs and coaching tools for literacy coaches, teachers, administrators, and researchers. These archivedmaterials provide ideas for practice and research The Florida Digital Educator program supportsthe appropriate integration of technologyinto K-12 education.
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