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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Cleaning the House: They did it before it was cool! KITCHEN- Wipe off and disinfect counter top.- Wipe off and disinfect stove top.- Wash any dirty dishes.- Put away any clean dishes.- Wipe down face/handles of fridge.- Wipe off table.-Clean and disinfect sink.-Sanitize sink plugs, drain covers, sponges andbrushes with bleach and hot water.- Take out trash.- Take out recycling.- Sweep and wet-Swiffer floor. Hand scour any tough spots.BATHROOM- Wipe off and disinfect counter top.- Wipe and disinfect all toilet surfaces.- Brush toilet bowl clean, using cleaner.- Windex mirror.- Scrub bathtub and shower wall surfaces. Rinse.- Remove any garbage from counter-tops/shower.Take out trash.- Sweep and then wet-Swiffer floor.- Occasionally, wash floor mats or dirty towels. ________________________________________________________________________________ KITCHEN On your week, do everything on the To-Do list on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Check off your name when you're done. 1/91/161/231/302/62/132/202/273/63/133/203/274/34/104/174/245/15/8 AndrewLeaAJLeaAndrewLeaAJAndrewAJLeaAndrewAJLeaAndrewAJLea ________________________________________________________________________________ AJJCAndrewLeaAJJCAndrewLeaAndrewJCAJLeaJCAJAndrewJCAJAndrew 1/91/161/231/302/62/132/202/273/63/133/203/274/34/104/174/245/15/8 BATHROOM BATHROOM
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