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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Sunshine State How our State Constitutionprotects the rightsof Florida's citizens During the Civil War, Florida helpedcontribute to the Confederacy's food supply,as they were the most fertilized state Florida's Cash EarningsGraph SupportersHenry FlaglerHenry PlantHenry Ford 5 Top Cities In Florida:Tampa BayJacksonvilleOrlandoMiamiTallahassee Timeline of FL First Seminole War 1817-1818 U.S. obtained FL from SPain through treaty 1821 Second Seminole War 1835-1842 Florida was a embarkation point during the Spanish American War 1898 Florida was part of the Confederacy during the Civil War 1835-1865 For over 50 years, Florida has been the backbone of the U.S. Space Program Program Space 1. Pioneers must know how to hunt for food. Pioneer Life 3. Pioneers also need to know how to build houses for shelter. 2. Women Pioneer need to know how to make clothes. Civic Duties Importance Civic Duties are important to Florida because, for example, if citizens don't clean up after themselves it could harm the eco-system ApalacheeSettled at the top of FLFarmed and Hunted Native Florida's Tribes CalusaSettled in the left bay of FLFound treasure in the bay TimucuaClaimed more territory thanApalacee or Calusa (Not Combined) Three Branches of Goverment Goverment Local Goverment State Goverment Executive Branch Judicial Branch Legislative Branch State Goverment are genericrules that the entirestate must follow Local Goverment is goverment with specific rules, for a specific area Railways carriedmany people to Florida,causing many land booms Henry Flagler's railwaywas huge for Florida Primary CauseThey fought for their land and peopleSecondary CauseThey fought to free their enslaved people Causes of the Seminole Wars After 1492,European explorationand colonization of the America'sRevolution; how the old New Worldperceived themselves European Colonizationon the Native American'sTribes Cause & Effect Florida grows sugar cane as well,which is the largest field crop ofFlorida Florida mines up phosphate fromunderground, then sells it anduses it to grow food to sell andeat Resource Industries Panfilo De Narvaez exploredFlorida to colonize andhelp conquer Cuba Spanish Explorers and their Goals Juan Ponce de Leon exploredFlorida to find the legendaryFountain of Youth Florida's Involvement In the Civil Rights Movement In the 1940's, word spreadacross Florida that racialchanges would occur soon andthat black americans would betreated equally and fairly Being grateful for constitutional libertyPerfect GovermentWe maintain public order and peace Miami beach is one ofthe most popular beachesat Florida Key West Miami Key West has had manyfamous visitors, making ita very populated area Tallahasse JacksonVille Tampa Bay 0 50 100 Tourism Selling Food Florida Taxes Resorts Heat & Beaches Florida is the nearest state toCuba, and because of this, Cubaasked Florida to ask the help free them of the Spanish Spanish American War Miami Miami Beach is one of the mostpopular beaches in Florida,which makes it a huge tourist area New Port Richey How Spanish RuleAffectedFlorida Spain's hold on Florida wastenuous in the years afterAmericans' independence, andnumerous boundary disputes
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