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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Tourism in San Antonio San Antonio is located in South Texas Visit the Majestic Theatre There are 26+ million Visitors per year There are a few things you might want to do when visiting San Antonio The Majestic Theatre was built in 1929. It currently serves as a home to the San Antonio Symphony and the Broadway in San Antonio Series Remember the Alamo The Alamo is not only a battle site, it symbolizes freedom.Yearly, the Alamo attracts 2.5 million people who hope to take a step into history Round 'Em Up!! It includes livestock shows, vendors concerts, bull riding and much more throughout the rodeo season Fine Dining and Wining San Antonio is full of culture. This is evident, even in their selection of food. Places such as Josephine Street Café. Don't be afraid to stray from chain foods and dig into local culinary experiences. The San Antonio Stockshow and Rodeo happens every year during the months of February and March Have you ever been to the Riverwalk? It is one of San Antonio's main attractions. It is located in downtown San Antonio. Paseo Del Rio Hundreds of thousands of visitors will come to San Antonio JUST to see the Riverwalk! San Antonio takes pride in the Riverwalk. In fact, if you visit around the holidays, you are in for a treat! Every year there is a Christmas Parade in late November. Fiesta Texas There are 18 total locations of Six Flags if you include Mexico and Canada.The most festive of them all is in San Antonio. In fact, it is called FIESTA TEXAS. It literally translates to Texas Party. So if you come, you know you will have a good time. If you visit the website, you will see that year-round, there are special themed times to celebrate in the park. Shop Till You Drop - La Cantera -El Mercado -The Quarry If you're a shopaholic, or just like to look around,Checking out the shopping centers, markets and malls is definitely for you. There are many places to see. Such as: Be Active Fear not those who aren't the shopping kind. Men and Women alike, there are many opportunities to get active! Throughout the year there are many marathons, 5k and 10k runs. A famous marathon would be the Rock 'n' Roll Marathon that takes placein San Antonio in the month of December. This year it took place on December 7, 2014. The Spurs Last but definitely not least are the San Antonio Spurs. The Spurs are San Antonio's very own NBA team. They aren't your average team. though. They are 2014 NBA Champions and the West Coast Champions. They do so much for the community and are worthwatching. Look up the Spurs on the NBA website for more information. These are a few things you might want to do when visiting San Antonio. So grab a car and head down south to experience culture like you have never seen before. Sources:Research information about San Antonio's Tourism Industry. (n.d.). Retrieved December 5, 2014, from San Antonio, Texas | Explore San Antonio things to Do, Attractions, Events, River Walk & More. (n.d.). Retrieved December 5, 2014, from Official Alamo Website. (n.d.). Retrieved December 5, 2014, from http://www.thealamo.orgSan Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo | Animals & Agriculture | Family Entertainment | Live Music | Food & Shopping. (n.d.). Retrieved December 5, 2014, from Retrieved December 5, 2014, from Flags Fiesta Texas. (2014, January 12). Retrieved December 5, 2014, from |. (n.d.). Retrieved December 5, 2014, from Antonio Spurs. (n.d.). Retrieved December 5, 2014, from
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